Certification Committee

Maintains and enhances the certification program within the Chapter. Provides information to chapter members, develops interest in the professional and technical certification programs. Provides coaching and training programs for chapter members. Acts as a proctor for certification exams.

Communications Committee

Provides communicatiolns duties for the chapter and supports all activities.

Corporate Partners Committee

Responsible for setting the benefits of chapter sponsorship and fund raising goals for the chapter. Solicits and secures sponsorships from companies and providers to support chapter meetings and conferences.

Education Committee

Develops educational programs for members of the Chapter. Plans, schedules, and organizes a minimum of two multi-day programs each calendar year for the purpose of providing the membership with information on topics pertinent to the patient accounting field. Solicits input from members for content of future educational programs.

Membership Committee

Responsible for maintaining and recruiting. Maintains up-to-date membership list. Distributes quarterly list to chapter members. Develops membership recruitment plan and implements plan for purpose of increasing National AAHAM membership. Maintain database of Chapter members. Distribute updated membership lists to members on a quarterly basis. Provide membership list to other committees as requested.

Publications Comittee

Chairman functions as the editor of Chapter publications and oversees the publication committee. Assures all Chapter publications follow the outlined publishing guidelines. Submits any Chapter publications to the National Office to participate in the National Journal Award.